Buyer Closing Cost Calculator      
Note: The buyer calculator formulas are based on the assumption that your contract follows regional standard practice of sellers paying for deed stamps, owner's title insurance, surveys and home warranties. If you negotiated for the buyer to pay for any of these costs, please add a credit (negative number in the amount to be paid by buyer) to the "Miscellaneous Fees to Be Paid By Buyer" field below.
Prepared By:      
Preparer's Company:      
Buyer's Name:      
Property Address:      
Purchase Price:   $  
Estimated Closing Date:      
Real Estate Brokerage Fee to Be Paid by Buyer: $  
Most Recent Ad Valorem Tax Bill:   $  
(Exclude Non-Ad Valorem Assessments here)      
Find your most recent tax bill at the appropriate county tax collector website below:
Clay County Tax Collector:
Duval County Tax Collector:
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CDD Portion of Non-Ad Valorem Assessments: $  
(See most recent tax bill)
Remaining Portion of Non-Ad Valorem Assessments: $  
(See most recent tax bill)
Ad Valorem Tax Credit to Buyer:   $  
CDD Tax Portion Due to Seller:   $  
Mailaway (Buyer unable to attend in-person closing?)
No Yes
Deed Recording Fee:   $  
Will Buyer Have a WDO/Termite Inspection Before Closing?
No Yes
Is the Property Governed By a Homeowners' or Condo Association?
No Yes
Homeowners Association (HOA) Transfer Fee: $  
HOA Dues:
Monthly Quarterly Annual
Prorated HOA Dues:   $  
Miscellaneous Fees to Be Paid By Buyer: $  
Miscellaneous Fees to Be Paid By Buyer: $  
Miscellaneous Fees to Be Paid By Buyer: $  
Closing Costs to Be Paid By Seller:   $  
Earnest Money Deposit:   $  
Title Services Fee:   $  
Loan Information: Note: Please enter the info below from your GFE. If any fees have been paid or will be paid before closing, do not enter them below.
Will A Loan Be Obtained to Purchase the Property?
No Yes
Loan Amount:   $  
Interest Rate:      
Adjusted Origination Charge:   $  
Appraisal Fee:   $  
Credit Report Fee:   $  
Document Preparation Fee:   $  
Underwriting Fee:   $  
Tax Service Fee:   $  
Flood Certification Fee:   $  
Processing Fee:   $  
Courier Fee:   $  
Administrative Fee:   $  
Prepaid Interest:   $  
Homeowner's Insurance Premium for 1 Year: $  
3 Months Insurance Escrow:   $  
Title Endorsements:   $  
Documentary Stamps on Mortgage:   $  
Lender's Title Insurance Premium   $  
Mortgage Recording Fee:   $  
Is Your Lender a Credit Union?
No Yes
Intangible Tax on Mortgage:   $  
Estimated Balance Due at Closing: $  
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Please note that this is only an estimate. Your actual closing costs may vary. Please contact Gibraltar Title Services at (904) 296-3100 or with any questions regarding this estimate.